Best Wishes!

Best Wishes!

27 October 2023 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ A celebration with 150 guests for Fabbri Group’s 25th anniversary /

A  quarter of a century of activity and success in international markets: this is the prestigious milestone achieved this month by Fabbri Group, led by its management, namely President Gianluca Fabbri, and partner and sales director Edward Cromheecke, without forgetting team members Jean-Charles Manca, sales manager, and Giulia Negri, sales support manager, as well as Sergio Chieregatti, Luca Lavezzo and Giusy Fabbri from the group’s manufacturing unit.

It was in 1998 when the company was established in Calto (in the heart of the Italian Rides District) as a consortium between the already well-established and renowned production unit FC Fabbri Park and GAS (Global Amusement Services), responsible for after-sales service and spare parts.

In reality, the company had much deeper roots, as it was the heir to Officina Fabbri (Fabbri Workshop), founded in the post-World War II era in that same town, thanks to the technical skills of Remo Fabbri, assisted by his brother Antonio and, from the mid-1970s, by his son Alfonso. Starting with amusement rides, the artisan workshop gradually evolved into an industry, eventually manufacturing ride models like Telecombat, Tagadà, Pirates’ Ship, Flying Carpet, Ranger, Crazy Dance, Kamikaze, and many more. These included children’s rides, family rides, and thrill rides, all marked by innovation, quality research, and effective management, which conquered international markets, becoming the chosen attractions for hundreds of traveling showmen and permanent amusement parks.

Fabbri Group managed to gather this wealth of expertise and successes, make it their own, and elevate the family name even further. They produced the Scary Drop free fall tower, offering it in various versions over the years, including the 3D Tower, the latest futuristic one with a giant screen and 3D glasses. In 2001, they introduced Booster, a spectacular multiple-motion attraction that entered the company’s history as its most iconic ride and probably the bestseller. They also entered the roller coaster market with various models (including those with suspended and spinning cars). With foresight, in 2002, they ventured into the world of large-scale tourist attraction wheels, creating the Giant Wheels division: models designed and produced in-house, which can reach up to 120 meters in diameter and have also found their place on the roofs of shopping centers and other buildings.

“We are proud of our first 25 years and the illustrious history we carry with us,” said Gianluca Fabbri during a celebration organized for the anniversary, which we document in this feature. “Our commitment is to always nurture the innovative spirit that is in our DNA and highly appreciated by our customers.”

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