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/ First-of-its-kind in Latin America and in the world, Hasbro City is a brand new family entertainment center located near Mexico City, bringing together attractions based on several of Hasbro’s iconic brands under one roof /

Malls are no longer locations dedicated exclusively to shopping, as they have become multi-service centers that also offer great entertainment. Hasbro, the well-known toy and game company, has identified this trend and is looking to take advantage of it, also in Latin America.

In Mexico, in particular, in the Mexico City area, the world’s first Hasbro City family entertainment center officially opened in Paseo Interlomas shopping center in summer 2023. Fernando López, CEO of Grupo VXT, the company that owns the license for Hasbro City parks, believes that the entertainment options are currently what can give additional value to shopping centers, not only in Mexico – a country where around a quarter of its population (approx. 33 million people) is composed of children and where families spend at least one day a week in a shopping center – but throughout Latin America. A win-win synergy can exist between retail and entertainment in a mall: the FEC has the opportunity to attract visitors who come to shop or to eat in one of the center’s restaurants, while guests who only planned to visit the park can shop at the stores in the mall. “We see that 90% of the expansion is going to be done in alliances with shopping centers, we need each other. The war for differentiation is in entertainment, no longer in stores,” said Fernando López in a recent interview.

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