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/ Sela Group celebrated its 50th anniversary by holding a company party for its employees, customers and colleagues /

Fifty years of business is an important milestone for a company, even more so for a company that, albeit having always been family-run, has grown significantly, and spread internationally over the years, becoming one of the global leaders in its sector.

The company in question is the Romagna-based Sela Group. Founded in January 1972 by cousins Donato and Gerardo De Carlo as a small workshop for the production of battery-operated baby cars, it has progressively grown, thanks to the tenacity, passion, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of its management (firstly the cousins, and then from the 1990s the second generation of the De Carlo family, with Fulvio – Donato’s son – who has been the sole proprietor and managing director since 2019).

A few days before Christmas, at its production site in Forlì, northern Italy, the Sela Group organised a party to celebrate its 50 years of business. Cover photo: The cutting of the cake, with the founders of Sela Group Donato (purple sweater) and Gerardo De Carlo, their sons Fulvio (current owner, in a black jacket) and Marco, young Martina and Mattia (Fulvio’s daughter and son) and Fulvio’s wife, Lucy.

Over the decades, the number of employees has increased, the number of battery car models has multiplied, complementary products have been added (such as the much-loved road education tracks) and new types of products have been introduced (such as bumper boats and bumper cars with the characteristic round shape). Export sales have also taken off, covering 50 countries around the world today. 

“We are proud of the goals we have achieved,” commented Fulvio De Carlo during the 50th anniversary event organised at the company just before Christmas. “Made in Italy has conquered the world in this sector, and we are a big part of this. From design to production, everything we offer is made entirely in-house. Even most of the components we use are made in Italy, or manufactured by us (for example, the chasses, bodies, control units and oil-bath gearboxes). Passion and professionalism guided my father and uncle, aspects that today guide me and my staff. Without them, we would never have spread so far around the world.”

Celebrating the Sela Group with Fulvio (and family) and his father Donato, were also Gerardo and his son Marco – who, after managing Sela with Fulvio for several years, continues to work with his cousin through his new company – as well as the people who have contributed to and have been part of the company over the years. Plus current and past employees, some very loyal customers, and many colleagues from other Italian amusement companies. The third De Carlo generation cut the cake at the party – young Martina and Mattia – who, until they grow up and help their father Fulvio, for now are happy to be ‘special testers and inspectors’ of the company’s products.

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