IAAPA Expo 2023, a reliable mirror of the industry

IAAPA Expo 2023, a reliable mirror of the industry

27 November 2023 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ The parks and attractions INDUSTRY is shining again and expressing optimism. The vibrancy of the IAAPA trade show in mid-November in Orlando, the industry’s primary global event, served as clear evidence /

While the pouring rain in Orlando during the IAAPA Expo days made attendees frown, especially those in the outdoor exhibition area, it did not ruin the event, nor did it dampen the spirit of the attendees. Optimism, enthusiasm, and strong energy were the dominant features of the 2023 edition of the American trade show, which once again lived up to its title as the leading global event for the attractions industry.

The week-long extravaganza brought together 36,173 attractions professionals on the floor from a total registration of 42,236. Of those, some 26,500 were qualified buyers representing over 18,100 companies, and over 9,950 exhibitors representing 1,147 exhibiting companies. Numbers were up compared to 2022, including the exhibition area, which this year sold out approximately 52,000 square meters of space, divided by a staggering 9 miles of aisles!

Physical exercise was not lacking for visitors who, walking up and down the halls (and also in the outdoor exhibition areas), certainly managed to burn off any indulgences they had allowed themselves at the exhibitors’ post-event parties. Calories burned and swollen feet in the evening was the right price to pay for the emotions, surprises, and professional insights experienced at the show. These included many interesting products in all merchandise categories: amusement rides and attractions, arcade games, technologies, food & beverage, etc.… and not forgetting the latest trends such as experiential and immersive entertainment and artainment, brought by several of the new exhibitors (who were more than 200 this year, in total).

The atmosphere at the fair was lively, full of enthusiasm that left behind the recent dark years of the pandemic: there is recovery – even the Amusement Parks Global Market 2023 study describes the market as growing from $67.16 billion in 2022 to $106.57 billion in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 58.7% – and consequently, there is also a greater willingness to spend and invest in an industry whose future looks vibrant. “2023 was a great year,” confirmed Michael Shelton, VP/Executive Director, IAAPA North America. “2022 was obviously a rebound year from Covid, and things have stabilized into 2023 and everything’s really strong.” 

In 2024 IAAPA Expo will take place again in Orlando from Nov. 18 to 22 (trade show will start on Nov. 19). So far, 401 exhibiting companies have booked around 29,000sqm of exhibit space.

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