NOT your usual Wild Mouse

NOT your usual Wild Mouse

7 September 2023 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ Beautiful to look at, exciting, and equipped with high-profile lighting: here is the new family coaster by Fabbri Group /

Italy-based Fabbri Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of amusement rides and Ferris&observation wheels, has recently put a new rollercoaster model on the market. Called Wilde Maus, this family coaster has got all the typical features of Wild Mouse coasters like hairpin turns and quick changes in direction, combining them with single 4-seater spinning cars, that rotate freely as they travel down the track.

On top of that, Wilde Maus features a state-of-the-art dynamic lighting technology that involves built-in RGB LEDs on the cars for special light effects and many many others installed on a unique rail structure under the track that light up as the individual cars move on. 

The impressive size of the attraction together with the spinning of the cars and the unique light effects provide Wilde Maus with a great visual impact, making for a thrilling exciting family ride and a powerful eye-catcher.

Wilde Maus is available both in park and trailer-mounted versions. Importantly, the ride can be delivered with a steel galvanized base which avoids any need for foundations. 

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Photos Courtesy: TOGO Media

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