On the crest of the wave

On the crest of the wave

17 July 2023 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ Acqua Village Water Parks Follonica presents a new feature for 2023: exotic and highly themed, as is its style, but also proudly created in-house /

The Garden Island: this is the name by which Kauai, the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands and arguably the most picturesque, is known. It is a pearl that enchants those who visit it, with its pristine and untouched nature made of cliffs, valleys, beaches, and waterfalls. But more than the other 7 islands of the archipelago, Kauai is also known for its stunning waves, making it a surfer’s paradise that is famous worldwide. Here, where surfing was born, anyone passionate about this sport can have a great time, and if they come in winter, there’s also a good chance of spotting the world’s top champions in this discipline riding the waves.

The idyllic Kauai with its nature and waves could not fail to be an inspiration for Acqua Village Water Parks Follonica, the Italian waterpark located in front of the island of Elba, which recreates an engaging corner of Hawaii with its refined theming and attractions. And so, Kauai, The Island of Waves is the name chosen for the 2023 novelty of the Tuscan park: a major and important revamp of the wave pool. The attraction, which now covers an area of 1,200 square meters with waves of varying intensity that are suitable for everyone, and a water depth ranging from 0 to 180cm, is fronted by imposing Tiki sculptures that create a sort of a pagan temple. On the sides, lush greenery prevails with exotic palm trees under which guests can relax, while the waves gently break on a wide sandy beach, bringing joy to children and providing sun loungers and straw umbrellas for moms and dads.

“Beyond its undeniable beauty, the added value of this revamp is that it was completely done in-house,” emphasized Marcello Padroni, founder and owner of the Acqua Village Water Parks group, which includes the Follonica park and also the Acqua Village Water Parks Cecina (both are located in Tuscany, but the former in the province of Grosseto and the latter in the province of Livorno).

Could you explain further?

“The design of Kauai was carried out by Acqua Village Studio, our own creative and design team, headed by Riccardo Fara, imagineer and creative director and Luca Serafini, park director and works supervisor. Ral Arte studio by the sculptor Raffaele Lattuada, with whom we have been working for a long time, was also involved in the design phase and created the magnificent scenery of the attraction.”

So, it’s a great achievement for your team, right?

“It’s a true work of art, in my humble opinion, and an important milestone that opens up great opportunites for the future. What I mean is that we have creativity and expertise, and Kauai, The Island of Waves proves it. With these qualities, we have the right conditions to continue developing our parks more and better, season after season.”

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