Walking in the sky

Walking in the sky

21 August 2023 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ Skywalk, a breathtaking pedestrian bridge, has recently been inaugurated in Germany: 665m long, 100m above from the ground, and no tie rods or pillars to support the structure /

Living and sharing extraordinary experiences, possibly in close contact with nature, is one of the main reasons that drives many tourists today to pack their bags and leave. For them, a new destination to mark on their wish list is Willingen, in the hills of Hesse (central-western Germany). Here, a town already known by winter sports lovers for the Mühlenkopf ski jump, a regular home to World Cup ski jumping competitions, Skywalk was recently inaugurated: the world’s longest suspended pedestrian bridge without support cables. Spanning 665m, it is suspended at a height of 100m above the ground: an engineering masterpiece by Swissrope, a company specialising in these kinds of structures, which took 5 years to design and build, at an investment of over 4.5 million euros, half financed by local private individuals (hoteliers, restaurateurs and other entrepreneurs) and the other half by 3 banks. 

Crossing the bridge from mountain to mountain, along the 1.5m wide walkway, can be certainly defined as an adrenaline rush: suspended in the sky, swaying slightly at every step, walkers dominate the plateau, seeing the forests, the mountains, the famous ski jump from a completely new perspective.

The view is completely clear, as the bridge has…

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