The Ferris wheel that shines with a new light

The Ferris wheel that shines with a new light

6 October 2023 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ Happy hour with dinner at the foot of the Blumenrad inside the Prater organized by Lights Co. in Rovigo, which has redesigned the lighting system of this Ferris wheel, using RGB LEDs while maximizing its potential /

The Wurstelprater, the amusement park inside the Prater, Vienna’s most famous park, which originally started as a hunting reserve for the Habsburgs, has its symbol in the Riesenrad, the famous Ferris wheel of almost 65m that was built at the end of the 19th century for the 50th anniversary of the reign of Emperor Franz Joseph, and was rebuilt, after being almost destroyed in the bombing of 1944, immediately after World War II.

Anyone who has visited the Vienna amusement park knows, however, that the Riesenrad is not its only wheel. In fact, there is also another one: not as high (45m), not as historic (it was built in 1993), with smaller and open gondolas, but certainly just as loved.

Its name is Blumenrad – literally, the Flower Wheel – and it is also now an integral part of the Wurstelprater skyline. If during the day, those who ride it can enjoy magnificent panoramic views thanks to the gondolas rotating during the ride, at night when the surrounding landscape loses perhaps a bit of charm due to the darkness, the 15,000 RGB LEDs of the attraction put on a show: with their turning on and off following precise programmed patterns, they create stunning plays of colors comparable to real light shows.

Behind all this magic are the skills of Lights Co., the Italian company from Bergantino (Rovigo), appreciated internationally by permanent parks and traveling showmen for its lighting solutions that masterfully combine technologies, design, and efficiency for rides.

“We were called in to update the lighting system on the Blumenrad by the owners, Koidl Amusement, who have been our clients for many years. In the past we supplied lights to their Volare coaster, junior bumper cars track, Jumper and also to their Karussell, a 120-years-old wooden merry-go-round,” explains Riccardo Cuoghi, who runs Lights Co. with his father Giorgio, the company’s founder with over 35 years of experience in the field of lighting for parks and traveling rides. “As for the Blumenrad Ferris wheel, we reviewed the entire electrical system, installed state-of-the-art, 100% made in Italy LED lights, 6 new LCO controllers and prepared a series of programs that the operator can choose from to create several sequences of impressive light shows, remote controlling them via tablet thanks to a customised application.”

On the occasion of the IAAPA Expo Europe 2023 held in Vienna, where they were exhibiting, the Cuoghis decided to thank the owners of the Blumenrad for the trust they had placed in them by organizing an “apericena” (a happy hour party) after the trade show at the Ferris wheel’s bar. One hundred and seventy guests (colleagues and buyers) were invited, who, among canapés, prosecco, conversations, and smiles, were also able to applaud the work of Riccardo, Giorgio, and their team and admire the light shows of the Blumenrad up close. 

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