The Sistine Chapel on tour

The Sistine Chapel on tour

29 November 2023 Off By Facto Edizioni

/ A project that spreads Italian culture and art throughout the world through an engaging, multi-media exhibition made its debut in Warsaw a few days ago /

An unprecedented spectacle made its debut on November 18th at Poland’s largest stadium, the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw, showcasing the Vatican’s greatest treasure, the Sistine Chapel. The venue of papal conclaves and one of the world’s most famous museum spaces has been recreated in a monumental structure thanks to the collaboration among Vatican Museums, Dom Emisyjny Manuscriptum from Poland and Scripta Maneant from Italy. 

“The Sistine Chapel. Heritage” is an immersive, multi-media exhibition replicating every detail of the Chapel in a breathtaking 90-minute show, never before seen in the world. “Whoever has not seen the Sistine Chapel cannot imagine what one man, Michelangelo, is capable of,” wrote the famous German creator Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Until now, those who wanted to witness it had to travel to Rome to catch a glimpse, just for 15 minutes, of the Last Judgment, the Creation of Adam, or one of the 16 biblical genre scenes painted there. 

Now, for the first time the Sistine Chapel in its entirety has brought its wonders into the world of multisensory experiences thanks to technological progress. The exhibition puts not only admirers of sacred art but also ordinary viewers, including young people whose attention is often captured by moving images, in a position to admire every detail of the frescoes by the Renaissance masters as if they were standing just inches from them. 

The real Chapel has been digitally reproduced in almost natural size. The entire exhibition covers an area of nearly 2,000 square meters. Images are displayed…

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Photos Courtesy: © Scripta Maneant; © Governatorato dello S.C.V. Direzione dei Musei 2023

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