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8 April 2021 Off


By Facto Edizioni

/ A really original interactive ride: Unicoaster Roulette® / Unicoaster Roulette® is the brand-new interactive ride that SBF-VISA Group has…

29 January 2021 Off


By Facto Edizioni

/ CMC Caravan, one of Italy’s excellences in the world of luxury motorhomes, is celebrating a historic anniversary this year…

27 November 2020 Off

A fun, wet challenge

By Facto Edizioni

/ SBF-VISA Group has internationally released its new interactive water ride: Twist’n Shot / The SBF-VISA Group catalogue is one…

27 October 2020 Off

Spraying fun

By Facto Edizioni

/ Spray parks and one of their specialist Italian manufacturers: Acquapark / Bringing the freshness of fun in the water…

27 August 2020 Off

WOW factor

By Facto Edizioni

/ Latest tests for the new version of Fabbri Group’s Smashing Jump 12 / No summer break for the Fabbri…