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19 September 2023 Off


By Facto Edizioni

/ First-of-its-kind in Latin America and in the world, Hasbro City is a brand new family entertainment center located near…

21 August 2023 Off

Walking in the sky

By Facto Edizioni

/ Skywalk, a breathtaking pedestrian bridge, has recently been inaugurated in Germany: 665m long, 100m above from the ground, and…

30 March 2023 Off

The together factor

By Facto Edizioni

/ Leisure taps into our need for social connections: the rise of competitive socializing / After years of lockdowns and…

21 February 2023 Off

Family holidays

By Facto Edizioni

/ Hotels for families with children: two examples of family hotels in South Tyrol / Dedicated playgrounds, of course, but…