NEW European Guide
of Attraction and Amusement Machine Suppliers


Those who have been working in the parks & rides business or in the coin-op sector for some time will probably have already come across or heard about EGA-European Guide of Attraction and Amusement Machine Suppliers that we published from 1992 to 2008.

These industry ‘European Yellow Pages’, revised every 2 years and printed in several languages, saw 14 editions published and was internationally acclaimed for the accuracy of the information presented on the companies included (reaching more than 5,200 business names in each edition) and their products and services (classified into 164 product categories).
Inspired by this historically successful publication and drawing on the continuous updates to and expansion of the business database that we have maintained for more than 35 years now, in 2019 we created a digital ‘spin off’ of EGA. A completely new reference tool for operators and buyers, and a means of promotion for companies, with updated contents and in line with the times: EGA Company Directory 2.0-Digital Edition.

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