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The Golden Pony Awards is one of the leading international awards in the entertainment sector and was established in 2002 by Facto Edizioni’s GAMES & PARKS INDUSTRY magazine to recognize the excellence of theme parks, recreational facilities, and personalities in the industry. To date, over 350 winners have received the highly regarded statuette, representing over 50 countries worldwide.

The 25th edition of the event will be held on October 17, 2023, in Bergantino (Rovigo, Italy) and will award 10 entities from different countries.
Nominations are now open! Interested parties can submit their nominations and have the opportunity to win the prestigious award. Entries close on September 30.

The Golden Pony Awards-Italy 2023 will be part of the Meeting della Giostra, a special incoming event taking place from 16 to 18 October that is promoted by the Padua Rovigo CNA (Italian Confederation of Crafts) with the support and patronage of the Chamber of Commerce of Venice Rovigo and the Veneto Region, and the technical support of VenicePromex. Togo Media is responsible for organizing the awards gala, as well as taking photos and making videos throughout the Meeting.

Flights, hotel accommodation, meals, and activities will be free of charge for the winners of the Golden Pony Awards-Italy 2023, thanks to the ‘Internationalization’ project funded by the Italian government. Guests will be taken on a tour of the leading companies in the so-called Rides District (the cradle of the parks & attractions industry in Italy) as well as others that are representative of the entire Polesine economic system. The project, shared with local, provincial, and regional institutions, aims to improve territorial marketing activities to promote the Polesine area, its culture, history, traditions, and economy. Guests will also enjoy an excursion to the Po Delta Nature Park.

To submit your nomination for the Golden Pony Awards-Italy 2023, please register by fill-in this form. Games & Parks Industry staff will contact you.