ADS in our magazines

Games & Parks Industry
and Play Machine Europe

Ads are available in 5 formats. They can be published in one or both magazines, every month or according to the chosen plan.
Buying an ad with us has twice the value! 

The ad will appear in both the printed and digital versions of the magazine.


Don’t have your own artwork?

Video advertising

Corporate videos are a modern form of advertising that lasts over time. They illustrate the company’s business in just a few minutes and are instantly shareable across all platforms. 

We also offer effective cross-media solutions to increase the visibility of videos, creating synergies between magazines, social media and websites.


Don’t have your own video?

Event sponsorship

Sponsoring our events is a way to promote your company and your products to entertainment industry operators, thus expanding your market or consolidating your existing position.

Yet there are many more benefits: improved reputation, greater brand credibility, increase in brand engagement and brand awareness… 

There are sponsorship packages available to suit any budget, and are always customisable.



Corporate marketing
and multimedia services

Video and photographic services, branding and strategic marketing, graphics: these are the 3 main business areas of Togo Media, our corporate communication agency.

Strategic marketing
Photos and videos
Graphics and web

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