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Events and partnerships


Facto Edizioni provides its knowledge of the leisure sector for events, trade shows and projects organised by public bodies and local government to promote businesses in the sector and their products.

Events and partnerships

Facto Edizioni reports on the activities of trade associations by publishing press releases, interviews and event reports in its magazines. We also provide them with expertise and advice.

ANCASVI / The national representative of the amusement park equipment manufacturing sector in Italy. The association deals with the complex issues concerning national and international technical standards of interest to manufacturers.

SNISV FeLSA CISL / This association defends the interests of travelling showmen, and liaises with the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities. It assists fun fair operators in dealing with legislative requirements, municipal regulations and tax regulations.

NEW ASGI ITALIA / Non-profit association whose aim is to promote the interests of gaming with no cash payout for family entertainment. It represents its members and their interests in dealings with the authorities, as well as providing information.

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